Carwin Tax offers a wide variety of tax services.

At Carwin Tax, we will get you the largest income tax return that is possible.

We’re trained to make sure you never pay more than you need in taxes while also maximizing the money you get back. If we make an error on your tax return that causes you to pay interest, we’ll even pay the interest for you. At Carwin Tax, we electronically E-file your return to deliver timely, accurate results so you can get your refund as soon as possible.

Take a more detailed look at the services we prepare along with starting fees.

Carwin TaxPersonal Income Tax Returns: T1

We prepare personal income taxes.

Tax Statements for Employees:

This service is right for you:

• If you’re employed by another company and work from home.
• Have to pay taxes on your commissions. • Have to pay employment expenses.
• Have a T2200 Form for your income tax.

Rental Property Statements

This service is for those who rent out commercial or residential properties. We’ll prepare the correct statement (776 Schedule) for you.

Income Tax Return Statements For Self-Employed Professionals | Sole Proprietors | Unincorporated Small Businesses

This service includes filing the correct business statement you’ll need for your income taxes. This service will help you if you need a 2125 Form for your income tax. Also known as a T1 Return or File. Fees start at $575.00

Business Forms

Need help filing your HST or GST?

• HST/GST Returns
• Annual filing
• Monthly Payroll

We’ll complete the form that the CRA requires for businesses who pay employees. This includes monthly preparation of payroll plus the year end government forms preparation.

Additional Services Included

Assistance with Audit requests by Canada Revenue Agency to make sure everything goes smoothly. You’ll receive personalized help on any CRA correspondence you may receive. Get free copies of your tax return filed with Carwin Tax whenever you’d like.


Our invoice policy for business and tax services is calculated on the starting fee, plus additional fees based on the complexity of your tax return. The complexity of your return is based on:

• Number of slips submitted
• Schedules used
• Tools and spreadsheets that you require
• Documents and information submitted
• Amount of correspondence with you, the client

Please Note: Payment is due upon presentation of the invoice.

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